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What is Online Therapy/Counseling?

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

What is Online Therapy/Counseling?

It is sometimes referred to as E-therapy or E-Counseling. It is a game changer in getting help when you need it no matter where you are.

How is it different than in person type of therapy?

Online therapy uses different digital medium platforms to communicate with your licensed counseling professional?

Why Online Psychotherapy Is Becoming So Popular?

Basically, in this fast moving digital-age, online therapy is an electronic counseling service whose time has come. And now since Covid-19 pandemic just dealing with our daily stress requires someone to talk to more then ever.

How is E-Therapy different than office visit counseling?

Whether it is email, text, phone or facetime. Some winning features of online therapy is that is a more affordable, more convenient and a very discrete method of receiving mental health counseling.

The benefits and features of Online Psychotherapy are why I like online counseling.

Anonymity. No driving to your therapist parking lot.

Private messaging, confidential emails, secure face to face video calls.

Value is based on the tools able to incorporate to make life long changes.

Health Insurances cover Online Counseling. Or pay directly and bill your insurance yourself.

Convenience. You can communicate with your therapist at your convenience.




Group therapy from your home.

Woolley Counseling is accepting new patients online!

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