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Robin Woolley

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Forty years ago, I was trained as a Holistic Social Worker.  I have worked across the America's with all age groups and numerous cultures.  It is important to me to offer you person-centered communication to support you strengthening your own motivation to change.  No one knows you like you do!  There are many healing traditions out there and I will honor you and your choices. 


My approach to counseling combines cognitive (thought) and somatic (body) techniques.  I specialize in working with stress and trauma.  We all have different responses to stress and trauma.  I work with how your nervous system has been dysregulated, basic understanding that Trauma is in the nervous system not the event. 


Symptoms arise when residual energy from the experience is not released from the nervous system.  For instance, if your system is stuck on "High" you may be experiencing Rage, Hyperactivity, Elation/Mania, Anxiety, Panic and engaging in high risk behavior.  If your system is stuck on "Low" you could be experiencing Depression, Disconnection, Hopeless, Exhaustion and Numbness. 

Together we will help your Nervous System Discharge! 


I have used techniques that successfully helped veterans who returned from war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Including those who survive natural disasters, abuse, medical procedures and any experience where you felt your life was threatened. 


Telling your story over and over can be re-traumatizing and I will not do that to you!  I am trained in EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Art Therapy, Self-Hypnosis, Trauma First Aide to name a few. 


In my experience talk therapy is like riding in a car, you get there but it takes longer.  When you combine cognitive and somatic therapies, it's like getting on a jet! 


Our World is changing let’s make that a positive.  

Let’s drop the weight of the past and soar towards the future, are you ready?

Visit my Client Portal to schedule your appointment today.

Book Cover Stop Suffering Start Healing


Stop Suffering, Start Healing is so practical and concise and loaded with good advice! I especially liked the information about therapists. What a great tool for people who are trying to make sense of all that.       Jennifer,  Vienna, Austria 

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